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  1. Cloverhill

    What's going on on Cloverhill Road

    In order to repave Cloverhill Rd. we first need to fix the structure of the road. It may seem a little bumpy until these deep repairs are made. The City will mill and pave the road after the structure repair is completed.
  2. Community convo

    Join the Conversation

    Over the next 18 months, the City of Manassas will be updating our Comprehensive Plan – the City’s key policy document for land use, development, preservation and related economic and social issues. We need your input >
  3. Traffic and Construction

    Traffic Notes

    Get the latest on road closures for the city! There are weekend closures you may want to know about. Road Closures
  4. Jobs2016A

    City of Manassas Government Job Opportunities

    Welcome to the City of Manassas application process! Take a look at our current employment opportunities. We hope you will consider the City of Manassas as your employer of choice! Questions? www.manassascity.org/HR Job Opportunities
  5. City Connection Newsletter

    City Connection Newsletter

    Learn about what's new with your city government and how you can get involved. Don't miss the events page on the back! City Connection Newsletter >
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