Use of Public Streets & Grounds

Information Regarding Use of Public Streets & Grounds

  • Online Application for a Permit to Use Public Grounds
    After completing, electronically signing and submitting the online application, it will be sent to the Manassas City Police Department for processing
  • Use of public grounds permits are issued by the Police Department. Approved permits are mailed to permittees at the address provided in the application.
  • For more information, contact the Police Department’s Planning and Resource Manager.
  • Ph: 703-257-8017
    Email Police Department

Important Information for Special Events

  • Permittees may be responsible for the costs of public safety services required for their event. The assessment of services needed is based on the needs of the event and is at the discretion of the City. These needs include, but are not limited to: 
    • Assignment of police department resources during the event
    • Assignment of fire and rescue resources during the event
    • Assignment of police department resources prior to and after the event
    • Any services requested by the permittee

  • A final assessment of costs and instructions for payment will be included in the approved permit. Costs for public safety services are assessed at the following rates:
    • $50/hr per public safety staff member assigned
    • $60/hr per public safety supervisor assigned
  • Permittees must have a general liability insurance policy and provide a certificate of insurance to the City of Manassas naming the City as an additional insured. Insurance requirements for events are:
    • Minimum liability limit requirements for all event organizers of $1,000,000
    • If alcoholic beverages are served the event organizer shall have a minimum liability limit requirement of $5,000,000, including Liquor Liability. Higher limits may be required after review by the City’s Risk Management Division.
    • If any participant is an organization or company that has employees, they shall show evidence that they have workers’ compensation insurance with statutory limits that meet the requirements of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.
    • Any other special insurance requirements based upon specific and/or high risk event activities as determined by the City.

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