Transportation Projects

MainSt under construction


  • Route 28 Roadway Improvements:  
    An Environmental Assessment (EA) is being prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to evaluate the potential social, economic, and environmental effects associated with proposed improvements in the Route 28 corridor between Sudley Road in Prince William County and Compton Road in Fairfax County. Visit for more information.
  • Mathis Avenue (planning): Streetscape improvements from Sudley Road to Liberia Avenue
  • Sudley Road / Centreville Road Roundabout (planning): Evaluation of a roundabout to improve intersection.
  • Wellington Trail (planning): Conceptual design of a shared use path along Wellington Road from Nokesville Road to Prince William Street.
  • Grant Avenue: Road improvements from Lee Avenue to Wellington Road.
  • Godwin Drive Bike Trail: Construction of a shared use path from Winters Branch Trail to Wellington Road.
  • Gateway Boulevard Sidewalk/Trail: Construction of a shared use path (north side) and sidewalk (south side) from Wakeman Court to Godwin Drive.
  • Route 28 / Nokesville Road Widening: 6-lane widening from City limits to Godwin Drive.
  • Centreville Road Improvements: Construction of dual left turn lanes on Centreville Road at Liberia Avenue.
  • Sudley Road Third Lane: Construction of the northbound third lane and sidewalk from Godwin Drive to Grant Avenue.
  • Dean Drive Extended: Extension of Dean Drive from the cul-de-sac to the intersection with Foster Drive.


  • Signal Optimization: Signal timing optimization on all city major roads to reduce congestion and improve regional air quality.
  • Prince William Street: Road improvements from Grant Avenue to Wellington Road.
  • Street Paving & Repairs:
    • The FY2020 Paving Program is currently in-progress. Paving has been completed on Richmond Avenue, Portner Avenue, and Godwin Drive


Completed within the last year:

  • Bike Lanes:
    • As part of the City’s annual repaving program, some existing bike routes received upgraded pavement markings.
  • Street Paving & Repairs:
    • In FY19 the City completed pavement rehabilitation on 23.9 lane miles of roadway.
  • Battle Street: Road improvements from Quarry St. to Portner Avenue.