Body-Worn Camera Program

In the coming months, the Manassas City Police Department will begin issuing body-worn cameras (BWC) to all police officers.

The body-worn camera program aims to advance the department’s mission to provide excellent public service to the community by documenting events and actions that occur during interactions between citizens and officers. Further, implementation of the program will enhance transparency and accountability which reinforces the community’s trust in the Manassas City Police Department.

“Community confidence in our delivery of law enforcement services must be a priority” said Chief Douglas Keen. “As a Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) - with Excellence rated agency, we have a great relationship with our stakeholders already and this additional transparency measure will only improve that relationship. The body-worn camera program will also protect our staff against false allegations and assist with prosecutions.”

In June 2017, the Manassas City Police Department began a pilot body-worn camera program through a contract with Axon. Six officers were issued the Axon Body 2 body-worn cameras to test the reliability and quality of the camera and system. The pilot program yielded positive results and the department decided to move forward to fully implement the program. The department will issue cameras to officers as it receives the equipment and completes technological upgrades. Officers will also receive training on the use of the cameras and the affiliated department policy. A copy of the working, draft policy can be viewed at the link on this page and we encourage community feedback through our Public Information Officers at

At the conclusion of this program phase, all patrol officers of the Manassas City Police Department will be equipped with body-worn cameras. The final outcome of the program will be that all officers of the Patrol and Investigative Services divisions will be issued body-worn cameras.

Body-Worn Camera Policy