New Optical Scanners

Starting 2017, City of Manassas is using the OpenElect Voting System from Unisyn Voting Solutions. Voters are marking a paper ballot by making a clear mark in the red box to the left of their choices. When they have finished and reviewed their ballot, voters then insert the ballot into a scanner, called the OpenElect Voting Optical Scan. The scanner reads the selections and takes a digital image of the ballot. After the polls close, poll workers runs a tally report on the scanner to obtain the precinct results.

For those voters who cannot complete a paper ballot to mark their ballot without assistance will be available an OpenElect Voting Interface ballot marking device. The ballot marker features both a touch-screen and an audio interface for voters with disabilities or functional limitations. After the voter has completed and reviewed their selections, the ballot marker produces a paper ballot, which is then inserted into the scanner to be counted in the same manner as voter-marked paper ballots.

​For more information please go to the ESO web site.

Voting Process
Voting Process

OpenElect Voting Optical Scan

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New Manassas Optical Scanner