Flat Branch Pond Blasting

blasting zone  The contractor at the Flat Branch Pond Project has encountered a shelf of shale rock during their excavation activities. Their proposal to the City of Manassas for removal is to blast the rock using approved methods from the City Fire Marshall and City of Manassas Department of Engineering based on State Fire Code and the City Fire Prevention Code. If your home or business is located within a relatively close proximity of the project, the City of Manassas would like to keep you informed on the activity.
 October 12 Testing blast will be conducted between 1-3 p.m.

What does the blasting entail?

Using explosives to remove rock is a relatively common practice in Northern and Western Virginia due to the high rock layers in the soil. The operation consists of drilling holes into the rock and packing the rock with explosive powder. The contractor will set multiple holes at one time and connect them to detonate in a precise sequence. There will be only one blast in any given day.

The contractor is using a process to minimize the amount of explosive necessary to remove a given amount of rock, which therefore minimizes the noise and shock of the blast to the surrounding area. The contractor in charge of this operation uses non-electrical methods for setting off the charges so that there is no chance of a miss or late fire of any of the charges, ensuring the safety of the community and the workers on site.

Info on Horn System

During a regular blasting day, the contractor in charge of the site will secure the perimeter at the beginning of each day. Three (3) minutes before that day’s blast, the contractor will sound three (3) short horns in a row to notify those in the area that the blast is coming. Once the blast is completed and the site is confirmed to be safe, there will be another three (3) short horn blast, which will signify that the area is all clear. At the end of the day, the site will be secured before the contractor leaves.

How often are they blasting?

There will be a single blast once per day between 1 and 3 pm 5 days a week until blasting is complete. The operation is expected to last between 3 and 4 weeks. If the contractor needs more time or needs to come back at a later time to finish the operation, additional public notices will be given.