Street Paving and Repairs

paving 1

The City of Manassas has been diligently working to advance our Pavement Management Program over the last two years.

In 2017, the City completed pavement rehabilitation on 7.39 lane miles of roadway including Center Street, Church Street, Centerville Road, Portner Avenue, Stonewall Road, Mathis Avenue, Forestwood Lane, and Plantation Lane.

The City of Manassas has successfully completed the 1st Phase of the FY 2018 Pavement Management Program. So far over 9.44 lane miles of residential streets have been rehabilitated utilizing an efficient and cost effective 1” edge mill and asphalt overlay to extend the life of our residential neighborhood streets, many of which have not seen new asphalt in upwards of 30 years.  The paved roads include Browning Court, Winterset Drive, Abbott Road, Poe Drive, Allen Street, Abbott Court, Cather Avenue, Antonia Avenue, Nanette Drive, Willa Lane, Cloudberry Way, Dahlia Court, Gloxinia Way, Corydalis Court, Amaryllis Avenue, Allwood Court, Lavender Flower Court, Camphor Court, Deckert Place, Feeg Court, Fitzegerald Farms Court, Oakenshaw Drive, and Nagle Street.

As part of the City’s 2nd Phase of the FY 2018 Pavement Management Program, the City has already rehabilitated the inbound lanes of Sudley Road from Grant Avenue to Centerville road, utilizing the City’s more traditional full width 2” mill and asphalt overlay methods. This is approximately 17% of the 7.66 lane miles of pavement rehabilitation planned in FY 2018.  City crews have completed subsurface preparation of Digges Road next to the hospital and are currently preparing the outer loop of Godwin Drive from Sudley Road to Nokesville Road, Peabody Street from Center Street to Mosby Street, and Lee Avenue from West Street to the Courthouse. Paving is expected to be completed by mid-summer of 2018.

The City will be identifying additional residential roads that qualify for resurfacing to be included in the FY2019 Budget process in addition to the roads that are planned for full rehabilitation: Reb Yank Drive, Robson Drive, Mathis Avenue, Bragg Lane, Liberia Avenue, Cloverhill Road, Kinchloe Drive, Fort Drive, and Euclid Avenue.