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Q: How do I get to Manassas Regional Airport?
Q: How do I complain about airplane noise?
Q: Where do I go to pick up a passenger?
Q: What are the Airport’s hours of operations?
Q: How busy is the Airport? How is the level of activity at the Airport measured?
Q: Can an aircraft weighing over 140,000 lbs land at HEF?
Q: Is there an aircraft weight limit for operating at Manassas Regional Airport?
Q: What economic benefits does Manassas Regional provide?
Q: Do you have an airline flight to…?
Q: If there is no airline service, why is Manassas Regional Airport so busy?
Q: Is there a restaurant located on the Airport?
Q: What rental car companies operate at Manassas Regional Airport?
Q: How do I learn to fly?
Q: When do most airplanes depart or arrive at Manassas Regional?
Q: Why do so many airplanes take off and land in the same direction?
Q: Is there a legal minimum altitude that airplanes can fly over residential areas?
Q: What can the Airport Administration do to keep airplanes from flying over my neighborhood?