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Application: Temporary Outdoor Event Permit (Private Commercial Property)

  1. When is a Temporary Outdoor Event Permit Required?

    A Temporary Outdoor Event Permit is required for a short-term outdoor event on privately owned commercial property. An example would be a one-day promotional event held in a commercial parking lot.

    If you would like a permit for an organized public gathering, including parades, sidewalk gatherings, street closures, events on airport property, or park gatherings please use the Permit to Use Public Grounds application. No permits are required for outdoor events on residential property.

  2. Applicant's Information

  3. Primary Point of Contact During the Entire Event

  4. Additional Names/Phone Numbers of Others in Charge During the Event

  5. Will there be food trucks used at this event?*

    If Yes, all food trucks must be inspected by the Fire Marshal's office prior to the event. Please call 703-257-8455 for additional information and to setup an inspection.

  6. Will food and/or alcohol be served or for-sale?*

    If alcohol is served or for-sale, applicant will be required to hire public safety personnel at their expense. Contact the Manassas City Police Department at 703.257.8017. If food is sold, applicant or vendors may be required to pay business taxes. Contact the Manassas Commissioner of the Revenue at 703.257.8214.

  7. Does the activity or event require a temporary increase in the permitted occupancy load of a building?*

    If Yes, increases in occupancy load require separate approval from the Building Official. Contact the Building Official at 703.257.8278.

  8. Provide address and, if applicable, name of business, name of shopping center and location of any proposed off-site parking areas.

  9. Manassas, VA 20110

    Note: the event location must have a 20110 zip code. If it does not, the event is not located in the City of Manassas.

  10. Attach layout identifying any signs, temporary structures, outdoor furniture, parking, equipment, temporary restroom facilities or lighting to be utilized for the event. Events where the expected number of attendees is expected to exceed 50 people at any one time must also show traffic and pedestrian circulation on the layout.

  11. Will there be any tents over 900 sq ft and/or will hold more than 50 occupants at any one time?*

    If Yes, attach a drawing identifying the size and location of the tent(s).

  12. Will there be any bleachers, stages or other structures more than 120 sq ft and/or that will hold more than 10 occupants at any one time?*

    If Yes, attach a drawing identifying the size and location of the structures. Note: If the tent or structures are over 1,200 sq ft, additional information may be required during the review.

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