Solid Waste Management Plan Update 2010

The Solid Waste Management Plan for the City of Manassas is currently under review. New information will be published as soon as it is available.

City of Manassas Solid Waste Management Plan 2010-2030
Waste ManagementA 20 Year Strategic Plan to Handle Trash and Recycle

The state of Virginia requires each jurisdiction to develop goals, strategies, and methods to handle their solid waste for the next twenty years. The City’s plan was written by Public Works staff and the Council-appointed Advisory Committee on Solid Waste.

Citizen comments were solicited through a public hearing on June 28, 2004, and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality acknowledged the plan on April 24, 2005. According
to Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requirements, an update was made by April 24, 2009, and accepted on August 5, 2010.

Table of Contents Backbones of the solid waste plan
List of Figures and Tables Charts and Figures in SWMP
Required Contents DEQ of Virginia Requirements
Executive Summary Significant issues addressed and goals
Chapter One
Physical Geography
Physical Geography, Transportation, Watershed and Maps
Chapter Two
Demographics, History, Population, Housing, Business Composition
Chapter Three
Refuse-MSW, Generated Waste, Commercial Waste, Waste Water, CDD Materials, Industrial Waste, HHW, Curbside, Bulk Items, Use of Transfer Station, City Ordinance Changed, and Citizens Advisory Committee
Chapter Four
The Beginning, 1994 Yardwaste program, Christmas Tree Program, Curbside Recycle program, Ownership of Recyclables, Business Recycling, Finding the Figures, Contractor Requirement, City Departments Report, Looking at the Figures 1994-2003, Computer Recycling, Drop off at Manassas Transfer Station
Chapter Five
Six Solid Waste Goals
Maintain Federal and State laws and regulations, Meet needs of citizens,
Should be environmentally sound, economically sound, Individual accountability for producing less, and promote reduction of litter and illegal dumping
Chapter Six
Strategy-Considering DEQ Hierarchy, Source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Resource Recovery, Incineration, Landfilling, City Philosophy
Chapter Seven
Implementing City Solid Waste Strategy and Goals, Careful Planning, Inform
and Educate, Secure resident support, Pilot programs, Proposed Time Line
Chapter Eight
Funding, History, Strategy, Host Fee as Fund Revenue, Other revenue sources, Expenses, Rate Structure, Future projections
Chapter Nine
Solid Waste Disposal Sites
Solid Waste Disposal Sites, Prince William Hospital, MTS, Waste Transfer Station-Special Use Permit, Citizen Services, Host Fee, Future Projections, Challenges for MTS, Central Archive Requirement
Chapter Ten
Public Education
Awareness, Public School System, City Forums, Contractor Support, Trial, Feedback, Flexibility to Change, Incentives
Chapter Eleven
Litter Prevention
Adopt a Street / Spot
Chapter Twelve
Public Hearing
The initial hearing was held June 28, 2004.