Applications, Forms and Fees

We’re trying to make permitting and plan review easier for you and safer for our community in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. We have some updates as City Hall is now closed to the public:

  • Effective March 26, 2020:  Virtual inspections will be the only building-related inspections available until further notice. Find out more.
  • A drop off/pick up box for large-scale building plans is located in the City Hall entrance closest to the railroad tracks. Please call us at 703-257-8278 if you drop a plan off.
  • Electronic submission of plans up to 11 x 17 inches will be accepted.
  • Third party building inspections will be accepted from an approved list of inspectors.
  • Building and site plan review are ongoing.
  • Please email or call us at 703-257-8278. We’re here to help.
Completed Development Services applications can be submitted by email:

Building and Trade Permits

Checklists Required for Building Plan Submission and Review
Print, fill-out and submit with your application:

Additional Building Plan Submission Documents

Other Documents and Forms

Subdivison/Site Review and Permit Fees

  The following drawings are required for submission of Site and Subdivision Plans:
Bonds and Agreements
  Zoning Permits

Please verify additional requirements prior to submittal of application

Fire Marshal's Office Permits
Effective July 1, 2019 Fire Prevention Code Permit fees will be increasing.  Please click on the link below to see the new fees.  

Fire Prevention Code Permit Fees 2019

Planning and Zoning

Completed Planning & Zoning applications can be submitted by email: