Message From Staff

Kisha Wilson-Sogunro, Neighborhood Services Manager
Mrs. Kisha Wilson-Sogunro has extensive experience in neighborhood development including addressing critical needs within the community, providing service-learning opportunities for volunteers, and coaching residents on ways of implementing strategies that effectively promote healthy and sustainable neighborhoods. Mrs. Sogunro is a board member of Securing Emergency Resources through Volunteer Efforts (SERVE), president of the Junior Women's Club of Manassas, and a member of the AmeriCorp Alumni organization. In her current role as Neighborhood Services Manager, she actively implements the City Council's priorities, maintains Manassas’ tradition of strong neighborhoods and builds upon civic capacity. Mrs. Sogunro is excited about working with the City Council and neighborhood stakeholders. She eagerly anticipates implementing an array of ideas that build further on the already established foundation of stronger neighborhoods. She welcomes input from the community and looks forward to developing a dynamic relationship of trust with residents of the Manassas community.

Christen Zenich, Neighborhood Recreation Supervisor
Ms. Christen Zenich, CPRP, works with the neighborhood services team and is part of the Community Development Department. As the Neighborhood Recreation Supervisor, her responsibilities include keeping neighborhood parks clean and well maintained for public use, scheduling recreational field use, ensuring that Stonewall Park Pool is safe and well-managed, and planning a variety of community events. The overall purpose of recreation in Manassas is to enhance the quality of life in the city by providing the best possible recreational facilities and natural spaces for it's citizens. Ms. Zenich looks forward to serving families within the community, and feel free to contact her with recreational ideas and suggestions regarding the parks in the City of Manassas.