Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Manassas adopted the 2040 Comprehensive Plan on February 24, 2020. The final plan can be reviewed below. 

The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding policy document for land use, development, preservation, and related economic and social issues. As part of this update, Manassas completed its first Transportation Master Plan to guide future transportation investments and improve mobility in the City. 

Watch a video on the Comprehensive Plan Update process and learn about the draft chapters:

Overview of the Update Pflow chart webrocess

The Manassas 2040 Comprehensive Plan is the culmination of a collaborative multi-year process that brought together citizens, stakeholders, and local officials to define a community-driven vision for the future. 

In 2017 - 2018, the City completed a Citizen Survey and Community Conversations to gather input on the community’s priorities and vision. Using the results of this outreach and supplemental studies, the Planning Commission drafted the Plan. The Planning Commission held two public hearings on the update and recommended approval. The Planning Commission resolution with additional changes can be found here. The City of Manassas adopted the 2040 Comprehensive Plan on February 24, 2020. 

Adopted 2040 Comprehensive Plan 

Chapter 1 -Introduction 

Chapter 2 -Overview 

Chapter 3 - Land Use 

Chapter 4 - Housing & Neighborhoods

Chapter 5 - Economic Development

Chapter 6 - Mobility

Chapter 7 - Community Facilities & Infrastructure

Chapter 8 - Environmental Sustainability & Health

Chapter 9 - Parks, Culture, & Recreation

Appendix A - Implementation Strategy 

Appendix B - Community History & Demographics  

Appendix C - Transportation & Mobility, Community Facilities, Parks, Culture & Recreation, & Council Resolution

Citizen Commentscitizen comments Opens in new window

All meetings are open to the public, and citizens may address the committee for up to three minutes each, unless additional time is requested and approved by the chairperson prior to the meeting. Citizens may also submit comments online or sign up for Community Development email updates.

A summary of citizen comments received to date can be found here. A complete record of written comments can be found here and in the Comprehensive Plan and Planning Commission agenda packages. See the agendas.

Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Planning Commission’s Comprehensive Plan Committee met on the following dates. See the agendas.

  • January 30 - Organizational Meeting (City Hall 2nd Floor)
  • February 13 - Key Issues & Goal Statements (Public Works)
  • February 27 - Land Use (City Hall 2nd Floor)
  • March 6 - Downtown Land Use & Character (City Hall 2nd Floor)
  • March 20 - Land Use & Map Changes (Manassas Museum)
  • March 27 - Housing (Manassas Museum)
  • April 10 - Transportation (City Council Chambers)
  • April 24 - Transportation and Land Use (Mathis) (City Hall 2nd Floor)
  • May 1 - Economic Development (Manassas Museum)
  • May 8 - Community Facilities (Manassas Airport)
  • May 22 - Parks, Culture & Recreation/Environment & Health (City Hall 2nd Floor)
  • June 5 - Land Use (Downtown) (City Hall 2nd Floor)
  • June 12 - Review Open Items (Manassas Airport)
  • June 26 - Vision Summit Open House (Boys and Girls Club)
  • August 21 - Comp Plan Update Committee meeting (City Hall 2nd Floor)

Community Conversations

The Community Engagement portion of the Comprehensive Plan Update included two phases of Community Conversations meetings, pop-up events, HOA meetings, and an online engagement tool, Let’s Talk Manassas. These activities aimed to learn more about the priorities of our citizens and to define a community-driven vision for the future.

Results from Community Conversations events, the Let’s Talk Manassas website, and the 2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey will be used to develop the City’s long-range planning documents through 2019 and in the future. Read the Community Conversations reports: