Why Adopt a Hydrant?

adopt a hydrant news story Opens in new windowMany thanks to volunteer Jacob Shepard for helping us get the word out about Adopt a Hydrant.

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The City of Manassas has 1,305 fire hydrants installed to provide fast access to water in the event of an emergency. Winter storms often hide fire hydrants under a mountain of snow, making hydrants impossible to find quickly. In the event of a fire, firefighters have to locate and shovel out buried fire hydrants before hooking up to them, losing precious time that could have been spent saving lives and containing a fire on property. By adopting a fire hydrant, you are helping the Fire and Rescue Department - and your neighbors. 

What do you need to do?

Make sure that the fire hydrant closest to your residence or business clear of snow, leaves, building debris and trash. The Fire Department needs a minimum 3-foot clearance on all sides.

To adopt-a-hydrant, please do one of the following:

For promising to keep hydrant(s) snow- and debris-free, you will receive a hydrant adoption certificate along with the Fire and Rescue Department's sincere thanks. Citizens and business or civic groups (civic associations, business associations, Boy or Girl Scouts, etc.) also may “adopt” neighborhood hydrants.

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What not to do:

  • Don't paint the hydrant.
  • Don't alter or attempt to repair hydrant damage.
  • Don't mark the curb or the street.
  • Don't stand in the street to clear the hydrant.

Report any damage or leaks by calling:

(703) 257-8353