Parks & Recreation Committee


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Parks & Recreation Committee
What will the committee do?
  • Develop, implement and evaluate park and recreation facilities, services and programs according to long and short-term plans.
  • Encourage and develop community awareness, appreciation, involvement, and use of the City’s recreation and park facilities, services and programs.
  • Pursue and encourage the development of recreation and park facilities, services and programs in cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Review and provide recommendations to the proposed five-year Capital Improvement Program budget and fees for facilities and programs.

Who Can Apply for Membership?
You can apply if you are a resident of the City of Manassas or Prince William County. You must not be delinquent in any taxes, fees, or fines due the City.

The City Council will appoint members to the Committee.

How is the Committee organized?
The Committee will have nine voting members and two alternate members. At least six of the members must reside in the City of Manassas. Members will serve a four-year term, and may seek reappointment. Staff will provide administrative and technical support, and one member of the City Council will serve as a non-voting liaison to the Committee. The Committee will meet at least six times per year.

How do I apply?
Submit your application and resume to the City Clerk's office either by using:
1) the 
online Board, Committee, or Commission application form or
2) the 
fillable (PDF) application form and returning it to the City Clerk's office, together with a copy of your resume. 

What Happens After I Apply?
The City Clerk's office will acknowledge your application and notify you for an interview date with the Council Personnel Committee. If you are appointed, you will be notified in writing.

Visit the Boards, Committees & Commissions page for more information.