Parks & Recreation Committee

What does the committee do?

 •  Develops, implements and evaluates park and recreation facilities, services and programs according to long and short-term plans.
​ •  Encourages and develops community awareness, appreciation, involvement, and use of the City’s recreation and park facilities, services and programs.
 ​•   Pursues and encourages the development of recreation and park facilities, services and programs in cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions.
​ •   Reviews and provides recommendations to the proposed five-year Capital Improvement Program budget and fees for facilities and programs.

How is the Committee organized?
​The Committee has nine voting members and two alternate members. At least six of the members must reside in the City of Manassas. Members serve a four-year term, and may seek reappointment. Staff provides administrative and technical support, and one member of the City Council serves as a non-voting liaison to the Committee. The Committee meets at least six times per year.



Mike Freeland
​Robert Keller
​Clara Meagher
​Mark Rabatin
​Malcolm Richards
​Lawrence Smith
​Ivan Soto
​Christina VandenBosche
​Crystal Wilson


Paul V. Dresler
​Lynn Forkell

​Kisha Wilson-Sogunro, Parks, Culture & Recreation Division Manager