Parks & Recreation Committee

What does the committee do?

 •  Develops, implements and evaluates park and recreation facilities, services and programs according to long and short-term plans.
​ •  Encourages and develops community awareness, appreciation, involvement, and use of the City’s recreation and park facilities, services and programs.
 ​•   Pursues and encourages the development of recreation and park facilities, services and programs in cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions.
​ •   Reviews and provides recommendations to the proposed five-year Capital Improvement Program budget and fees for facilities and programs.

How is the Committee organized?
​The Committee has nine voting members and two alternate members. At least six of the members must reside in the City of Manassas. Members serve a four-year term, and may seek reappointment. Staff provides administrative and technical support, and one member of the City Council serves as a non-voting liaison to the Committee. The Committee meets at least six times per year.



Lawrence Smith, Chair

Malcolm Richards, Vice Chair

Lynn Forkell

Mike Freeland

Robert Keller

Clara Meagher

Mark Rabatin

Ivan Soto

Christina VandenBosche


Paul Dresler

Sherry Levensky


​Kisha Wilson-Sogunro, Parks, Culture & Recreation Division Manager

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