Trash and Recycling for Kids

Check out Leo's art!

Recycling is an Art for Leo Stanley

Local artist Leo Stanley is celebrating America Recycles Day with an art exhibition at the Central Community Library (8601 Mathis Avenue) the whole month of November.

Eight year old Leo is part of the Gifted and Talented program at R.C Haydon Elementary School, right here in the City of Manassas. He enjoys creating recycled art because it's fun to do and it's also a good way to reuse non-disposable things. He uses everything from coffee stirrers to the "little treasurers"  he finds like paper clips, beads and string.

When Leo is not creating something new and incredible; he likes hanging out with his two pet cats, playing with his Legos, and just having fun. Leo likes science and math - his mom, dad, and little brother too. He dreams of being an architect, aeronautical engineer, or a futurist. He would like to study how things fly.

He has a message for everyone this November: "Recycling is good and keeps the planet clean."

What is trash and recycling?

Every day, millions of people throw away the things that they don't want anymore. It might be broken, maybe it's been replaced by something new or it could be something that's been used or emptied. 

is something that cannot be used again. It goes into the trash cart and then is collected and taken to the landfill. 

is something that can be used again! It must be rinsed out or folded and then put in the recycling cart. It then gets collected and goes to the recycling center.

For more information:
The City of Manassas would like to thank Girl Scout Troop 1412 
from Washington State for doing their homework and finding a cool link to learn more about trash. Check this out:
A Kid's Guide to Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Waste.

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