Street Paving and Repairs

The City of Manassas has over 254 miles of streets. The Street Department's mission is to maintain all City streets in perpetually good to excellent condition while providing desirable standards of safety, appearance, and convenience for residents and the traveling public within the City.
paving - streets

The City is currently undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of all city-maintained streets. A firm has been contracted to drive every street utilizing a state-of-the-art data collection vehicle. Many factors will be evaluated including overall pavement condition, depth of material, cracks and other surface deficiencies, roughness, etc.  In addition, traffic counts and load bearing capacity will also be evaluated.  Once the data collection and analysis has been completed, a repaving schedule will be developed that will focus on streets with the most deficiencies first. We expect to receive information, this fall, in order to develop a comprehensive paving program to begin in Spring 2017.


For more information on street paving and closures for repairs, 
please contact the Street Department on 703-257-8347.