What's Happening Now

  Liberia site work  back grading   
  Liberia walk   Liberia coach circle
(top) The Portner Avenue side of the house has been cleared and graded. (bottom) A front walk was constructed using stone found on the property. A driveway and coach circle have also been constructed, and diseased trees were removed from along the driveway. Birch trees lining the front walk, donated by the Manassas Beautification Committee, were planted recently. The landscape is designed to approximate the earliest photograph of Liberia, taken in 1862.

Construction of Liberia's restroom will soon be underway. The restroom will be located on the Portner Avenue side of the house and will resemble those recently constructed at Stonewall and Byrd Parks.
 Liberia restroom

Thanks to our donors for helping to complete Liberia's Phase I Interior Restoration

William and Susan Beck, Due Dollins, Charlie Miller, the G.F.W.C. Woman's Club of Manassas, and an anonymous donor all dedicated their efforts to providing Liberia's first floor furnishings.

         Liberia ribbon cutting         Liberia's dining room

Site Work Transforms Landscape

Site work dramatically transformed Liberia’s landscape last summer. Olde Towne Landscaping recently removed the 1950s-era garage, (below left) and cleared trees in preparation for the construction of rest rooms. 

             Liberia garage removal    Liberia site work
Anonymous Donation Helps Furnish Liberia

A couple from Raleigh, N.C. donated 11 pieces of beautifully crafted furniture and accessories dating from between 1835 and 1850 that have been placed throughout the house. The gift was made possible through the efforts of N.C. antiques dealer Charlie Miller, who both brokered the donation and delivered the pieces to Manassas. Miller arranged the donation with the help of Bill Beck, the Fredericksburg antiques dealer who has been donating his services to find furnishings at auction.
These donations—and many smaller donations from individuals and service organizations—help us tell the story of a family displaced by occupying armies, the enslaved left behind, and the soldiers who passed through Liberia during the war years. Seeing plates on the dining room table, maps on the desk, portraits on the walls, and lamps on the tables make Liberia seem more like the home it was. 

        Liberia armoir     carved table leg      chest of drawers
                  table IMG_2234