Collection Highlight

Collection Highlight: Military Objects in the Manassas Museum Collection

This fall and winter, the museum will be showing our newest exhibition, Not For Glory: The Stories of Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  This show is based on the first person accounts of local men and women who served in either Operation Desert Storm or Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Since the Museum’s collection does not have objects from this time period, we looked to private collectors for pieces to put on display.  While we had to look outside our walls for this exhibition, our collection is, fortunately, rich in military-related objects from nearly every war the United States participated in, from the early 19th century to World War II.  Here is just a sampling of the hundreds of objects we own: 

Early 19th Century

Wooden powder horn owned by local resident Charles Lewis Broadwater.  Gift of Dr. James Henderson

Civil War

From the Confederacy: an extremely rare militia jacket worn by John Weedon of Company K, Third Mobile Alabama Rifles.  Gift of Mrs. Virginia Speiden Carper

From the Union:  homemade haversack carried by Edward A. Todd of the 2nd Vermont Infantry during the Battle of First Manassas.  Gift of Dr. Charles Poland

Spanish American War

Military-issue iron canteen covered in fabric.  

World War I

From the United States: metal helmet with original leather liner worn by a local soldier who served in the Army.  Gift of Jerry Martin

From Germany: a leather pickelhaube (helmet) with original insignia, spike and chin strap (pictured below.)  Gift of Jerry Martin

World War I

From the United States: a set of auto blackout hoods in their original box.  Gift of Carolyn Baker

From Germany: two armbands emblazoned with the Nazi swastika (pictured below.)  
Gift of Jeanne B. Spitler

From Japan: a military-issue wristwatch taken from a Japanese soldier by Gilbert Ray, a local resident who served in the South Pacific.  Gift of Elizabeth Bickens

         German helmet               Nazi armband

              German Helmet                               Nazi Armband