Purchasing Division

In the City of Manassas the Purchasing and Warehouse Division has a fiduciary and legislative duty to the citizens of Manassas through the delegated authority given by City Council and the City Manager.  We exercise professional and technical skill on a daily basis by:

  • complying with the Code of Virginia and City Code
  • purchasing high quality goods and services
  • promoting competition and strategically sourcing
  • partnering with the vendor community
  • adhering to ethical standards and guidelines
  • negotiating complex contracts
  • leveraging economies of scale
  • leading and training staff and departments
  • warehousing centralized inventory
  • disposing of City surplus, and 
  • providing superior customer service
Our team is committed to supporting the City Council's Strategic Plan and values of the City of Manassas; Customer Service, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Stewardship and Teamwork.

Thank you for considering participation in our public procurements and being a City of Manassas business partner!

Steve Corbit, Procurement Manager
Jerry Burke, Senior Buyer
Ginger Gordon, Buyer
Thomas Regan, Warehouse Tech                  

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  1. 8500 Public Works Drive
    Manassas, VA 20110

    Steve Corbit
    Procurement Manager
    (703) 257-8368
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