Scouting Opportunities

The Manassas Museum offers a wide range of opportunities for Scouts to become more familiar with their community. Through activities that can be done with the cooperation of the Museum, Scouts can learn to become leaders and earn badges. We are always happy to talk to individual parents or Scouts about specific projects. Please contact the Programs Coordinator, Doug Horhota, at 703-257-8265.

For Tiger Cubs - 6 to 7 years old

  • Games Tigers Play:
    • 2. Make up a game with the members of your den.
    • 3. Make up a new game, and play it with your family or members of your den or pack.
  • Curiosity Intrigue and Magical Mysteries – 4. Create a secret code. 5. With the other Scouts in your den or with your family, crack a code that you did not create. Decorations - Decorating the Museum for Holidays or Special Occasions
  • Rolling Tigers – Go on a bicycle tour with the Manassas Museum and see historical sites along the way. (Objectives 1-6_)
  • Stories in Shapes – 1. Visit a museum, and look at pictures of some abstract art with your den or family. Decide what you like about the art, and share your ideas with the other Tigers.
  • Tiger Tales – 5. Play games from the past.
Wolf 8 years old
  • Council Fire: 1. Participate in a flag ceremony, and learn how to properly care for and fold the flag.
  • Duty to God Footsteps:
1a. Visit a religious monument or site where people might show reverence.


Code of the Wolf – 4a. Use a secret code using numbers to send a message to one of your den members or your den leader. Have that person send a message back to you. Be sure you both use the same code numbers. 4b. Send a message to another member of your den or your den leader using the pig pen code or another code that changes letters into special shapes. 4c. Practice using a code stick to create and decode a message.

Digging in the Past – Participate in an archaeological dig at the Manassas Museum as part of the summer camp program.

Finding Your Way – 1a. Using a map of your city or town, locate where you live.

Hometown Heroes – 2. Visit a community agency where you will find many heroes. While there find out what they do. Share what you learned with your den.

Bear 9 years old


Paws for Action – 1 a. Find out about two famous Americans. Share what you learned. 1b. Find out where places of historical interest are located in or near your community, town, or city. Go and visit one of them with your family or den.

Webelos 10-11 years old

Arrow of Light Requirements:

Building a Better World – 1. Explain the history of the United States flag. Show how to properly display the flag in public, and help lead a flag ceremony.

Boy Scout Merit Badges The descriptions are only some possibilities….

American Cultures Programs that can focus on non Caucasian cultures in Manassas. Develop a tour for Spanish audience; or a tour on Native American of Manassas’ past.

American Heritage Share local history in Manassas, many homes in town are on the National Register of Historical Places, post information online on these properties.

Basketry Learn basket making and teach others the craft for the Museum.

Bugling Be a bugler for a Civil War events held at the Museum.

Citizenship in the Community Through volunteering, support the Museum and community, the Museum is taxpayer supported.

Communications Leading a tour or presentation, develop good public speaking skills.

Entrepreneurship New programming for the Museum, develop a business plan; targeted audience, how can a program be successful on a tight budget.
Genealogy Tracing your family roots using the Museum archives

Geo Caching Establish geo caching for the Museum through the website or printed materials.
Journalism Cover an event at the Museum, report on it, web announcements, etc
Public Speaking Presenting programs, talks

Railroading Scout led activity at the City of Manassas annual railroad festival

Scholarship What are some of the educational advantages of learning through the Museum. Could lectures or demonstrations teach others in a way schools can’t.