Pay My Bill

Bill paying made easy. This is your one-stop for paying a bill in the City of Manassas. We hope to add more online payment options as they become available in the future. Note: there is a fee for some online payment options.    


In the coming weeks, making a payment to the City of Manassas will look a bit different as we make an effort to streamline the process and work with a new payment vendor.  Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.

City of Manassas Taxes Personal Property, Pay Online Here
Real Estate, Pay Online Here  
Business Tax, File and Pay Here
Dog License, see information here.

Other payment options.
Pay for Permits Building Permit System, information and pay online
Parking Permit information here.
Parade Permits information here.
Dance Permits information here.
Planning & Zoning Permits information here.
Pay for Tickets Parking Tickets, Pay Online Here
EMS Billing information here.
Other Tickets, pay here.
Pay Utility Bill Utility bills, pay online here
Note: Utility bill includes electric, trash & recycling, stormwater, and water & sewer.

Additional information on payment options.